1886 Log House

This one and a quarter-storey cedar log house has deep roots in Grey County. Originally constructed in the mid-1800s, the house first stood at Lot 25, Concession 7 in St. Vincent Township, now the Township of Meaford. Beginning with William and Elizabeth Raven (and their ten children), it served as a family home there for the next hundred years, until it was left vacant in 1957.

Following a decade of vacancy, the County of Grey-Owen Sound Museum board purchased the home in 1967. It was relocated to the grounds of the new museum in Owen Sound, where it was rebuilt and fully renovated, with a new stone foundation and front verandah. It officially opened to visitors in 1969. Stocked with artefacts and staffed with interpreters, it served as an interactive interpretation of a rural farmhouse in this location for 35 years.

In 2006 the structure was relocated again, this time to its present location in Moreston Heritage Village. It is now furnished and interpreted as a recreation of an 1886 farmhouse - a very busy and important time in Grey County’s history.

Hen House

This structure was built at the County of Grey-Owen Sound Museum in 2000 where it provided shelter to two calves serving as a summer livestock display. In 2004, the building was moved to Moreston Heritage Village and retrofitted to become a hen house for a small flock of heritage breed chickens.

The coop houses Golden-laced Wyandotte, Plymouth Rock, Sussex and Leghorn chickens, some of the traditional breeds once popular in Grey County.

Log House's Outhouse

Built by Museum staff in 1992 this structure replicates a privy (outhouse) for the 1886 Log House. It is for display purposes only.

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