Grade 3
Science and Technology
Social Studies

Calling All Adventurers!

Do you think you have what it took to settle in 1850s Grey County?

Settlers had to move away from everything they knew, to a brand new country and start their lives over. In what was to become Grey County, to get 50 acres of land settlers had to:

  • clear one-third of that land in a five-year time span
  • build a permanent home
  • build a portion of road as laid out by surveyors.

Doing something like that with the technology and resources available at the time was a challenge. So. Do you have what it takes to be a settler?

Keep checking back for more activities for intrepid time explorers to look at issues faced by new settlers! The activities are based on the grade three Ontario Curriculum but can be adapted for any age or grade level.

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Explore the perimeter of the Log Cabin at Moreston Heritage Village. Through real measurements, challenge your students to recreate our 1850s home and compare it to their own. How much space do they have compared to an early settler family?

Measure Twice, Cut Once Lesson

Perimeter of Polygons at Home Worksheet

Perimeter of Log Cabin Polygons Worksheet

Our access to food changes. The arriving settlers in Grey County did not have the easy access we do today, to international and out of season crops. This activity asks students to record what they eat for a period and then compare their diet to what was produced in 1851 Derby Township, in Grey County at settlement. 

Plant. Grow. Eat. lesson

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