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Miss Grey Roots programming? Keep checking here for new hands-on activities to do at home or at school.

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Want to get outside of the dye box? Here are two different techniques for dyeing eggs. Which will you try or will you test both? Food colouring vs. natural dyes!

Egg-periment Worksheet

Decorate and cut-out your own paper eggs to have a hunt around your home!

Egg Hunt A Go-Go Worksheet

March 22nd is #WorldWaterDay; a UN Day highlighting the need for clean and safe water for all people, all over the world.

This year’s theme is Valuing Water. Water can mean different things to different people. What does water mean to you?

Mark the day by thinking about that question. And if you want to create something visual, celebrate by making your own raindrop!

Raindrop Activity


The beauty of a family tree is that each one is unique! Take some time to create or update your own family tree.

Check out our three examples with templates or just jump into creating your own. Do you want to take it to the next level? Include birthdays, birthplace or where they live now, favourite food, etc. Whatever is important to you and your family’s history.

Family Tree Examples

Family Tree Printables


Create a new tradition! Connect with family and friends to find out what their most important tradition is. Using the research, creators will develop their own “New Tradition on the Block.” Want to share what you create? Tag @GreyRoots!

New Traditions on the Block activity

More Education Programs

Northern Perspectives

Did you know that Canada’s Arctic is over 40% of its landmass? Amongst the Arctic Voices exhibit from Science North, students will explore interesting and engaging information Arctic’s changing geography, ecosystems, fauna, and people.

Settler Savvy

Discover Moreston Heritage Village through simple machines! Learn all the ways that settlers worked smarter, not harder, to get their work done.