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Grade 2
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Science and Technology
Visual Arts
2 Hours

Game Changers: Code Quest

Maximum 40 students
May 24 - December 31


In this program, students will get their game on with old school games and gaming systems. All part of Game Changers, from Science North and the Canadian Science and Technology Museum.

While getting hands-on with the retro games and systems, students will get minds-on with coding! From simple activities with the 0s and 1s of binary code, to working an actual robot, students will take their coding practice into reality!

Students will progress through stations, chosen by their teachers, which are appropriate for their knowledge of coding, while challenging them to level up their skills. Great for active learners!

Program specifics will be posted in April. Contact Laura for more information today.

Which way did the programmers go?

They went data way… to Grey Roots!


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