Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 5
Grade 6
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Grade 8
Social Studies
Approx 2 hours

Pioneer Life

Minimum of 15 students / maximum of 60 students plus Teacher and 1 parent helper per 6 students
Offered throughout the school year with season-specific activities

Take a trip back to Grey County's settlement. Discover the daily life of a settler and explore some of the reasons that drew immigrants to the Queen's Bush in the hopes of finding a better life. 

As an early settler, learn about life for a child in the 1850s Log Cabin and what life was like for a blacksmith's apprentice. Students will gain see a demonstration of this important trade at the Pioneer Blacksmith Shop. Become a modern-day archaeologist and examine pioneer-era objects and determine their uses. You’ll see first-hand what early settlers needed in order to survive and thrive in this new land. Try your hand at the chores of a typical pioneer child. Test your skill with a yoke and buckets, or help move some firewood. Other chores are available based on the weather and season.

Students will see the 1850s building, the Log Cabin, and Pioneer Blacksmith Shop. If you are interested in seeing beyond this time period, please speak with the Education Liason when you book. Pair this program with School Days to cover the development of Grey County from early settlers to established farms and brick buildings.

When booking, please notify staff regarding any food allergies.

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This program focuses on the importance of family history and will teach students how to conduct research both at home and in the Archives.

Cranberries, Candles, and Claus: Holiday Traditions of Grey County

Participate in the celebrations that Grey County’s first settlers brought over from their homelands. Visit three of our heritage buildings in Moreston Heritage Village as you hear their stories, create classic decorations, and discover how the holidays grew and changed over the course of the 1850s – 1920s.

Not for Sale: Examining Slavery in Canada

Grey Roots Museum & Archives invites students to probe a darker chapter in Canada’s past. Students will discover where slaves came from, the daily life of a typical slave, and how long slavery was practiced in Canada.

School Days

You and your class will experience school as it was in 1920 when the Moreston Heritage Village school teacher rings the bell to start the lesson. Sharpen your skills to be ready for some Mental Arithmetic; try your hand at Cursive Writing; take part in a class Spelling Bee and discuss similarities and differences between the 1920s and today

WWI Education Day

Experience the Great War, "the war to end all wars" by participating in our full WWI Education Day at Grey Roots Museum & Archives.