Grey Roots 2020 Regional Heritage Fair

The April 30th Regional Fair celebration is cancelled, as is the the Provincial Heritage Fair Showcase in Toronto this June. We want to applaud every students’ contribution to investigating and sharing a piece of Canada’s history. Each of our participating students are welcome to post their heritage projects from this year on the oursharedstories website:

Thank you to all of our participating teachers and students. We look forward to the future and encourage students and teachers to keep sharing the past!

Celebrate Canadian history through the 12th Grey Roots Regional Heritage Fair! Heritage Fairs are a grand celebration of Canada's past, in the form of student history projects. Students research Canadian heroes, legends, milestones, and achievements - and proudly present their stories at a public exhibition.   

Heritage Fair 2015

The Grey Roots Regional Heritage Fair allows students to celebrate our heritage and share their work with the community. Participating schools send the best student projects from each class, Grades 4-8, to represent their school. This fair is only possible because of the special talents and dedication of our teachers and principals.

For more information, please contact Laura Arnold, Education Liaison, at or 519 376 3690 ext 6128. 

Grey Roots is extremely grateful for all the amazing community support we have received from groups including the Grey County Historical Society, the Bruce County Historical Society, the Bruce County Genealogical Society, the Owen Sound Attack and the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to our many volunteers who worked to bring this event together. Without these groups and individuals, this annual celebration of Canadian history and local students would not be possible.

Interested in volunteering or helping to sponsor this incredible day in 2019? Please contact Laura at 519 376 3690 ext 6128 or at

2019 Winners

  • Peter Alpajaro: The Fall of Quebec. École Port Elgin – Saugeen Central School
  • Maisie Cottrill: Residential Schools: A Sad Chapter in Our History. Sullivan Community School
  • Mya Falesy: The 60s Scoop. G. C Huston Public School
  • Ashlyn Kuhl: Best of the Box: The History of the CBC. Sullivan Community School
  • Malachi Mckinnon: The Fur Trade. École Port Elgin – Saugeen Central School


Parent Testimonial

As a parent I appreciated the opportunity my son received when his teacher, Mrs. Tawnia Courage, sponsored the Heritage Fair at his school. Kieran was honoured and excited to participate in the Grey Roots Regional Heritage Fair. The day was enriched with guest speakers, educational workshops and opportunities for everyone to meet, interact, and share their knowledge and enthusiasm for Canadian heritage.  It felt like we were very special and honoured guests. It also shows respect to this young citizen and I think it was wonderful for all the students to feel that honour.
As a teacher I quickly realized the value of this program. We often facilitate research in our classroom, but students do not get a chance to meet with other equally enthusiastic and impassioned peers from other schools. The Grey Roots Regional Heritage Fair provides a unique and much needed opportunity for young talented researchers to meet and exchange ideas and encouragement outside of the school, and into their community. This programme also encourages schools and students to become excited about their own personal histories, experiences, cultures, and heritage of their families, local cities, or other world connections they may have.
Thank you so much for a wonderful opportunity for our entire family, as well as my students. The Grey Roots Regional Heritage Fair is a tradition that has just begun, and should only grow in size and quality each year.
Lisa Trimbee
Grade 5 French Immersion Teacher,
Sydenham Community School

In this day and age when the three “Rs” are given short shrift and Google is the road to knowledge, it’s popular to decry the state of education.  We all like to criticize and tout the good old days when schools produced scholars.  And that’s why, every couple of years, I like to get inside a school or find a way to take the pulse of learning today.  Last week I had a chance to adjudicate public school history and heritage projects at Grey Roots Museum and Archives in Owen Sound.  Every time I do this I am the number of students participating, the people and historic events that capture their imagination, the quality of their research and their oral and graphic presentations.  I’m impressed at the effort our museum puts into the next generation of historians.  I’m impressed that so many people share my concern for the quality of education today by adjudicating these fairs.

The longer I live, the more important I see that history is...unless we learn it’s lessons, we cannot benefit from them.  And the more respect I have for those who teach our grandchildren this challenging subject.  If you know a teacher who is bringing Canadian history to life in their classroom why not nominate them for Governor General David Johnston’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching?  There’s cash for the teacher and the class, a medal presentation at the Canadian War Museum, but best of all, a ten day tour of First and Second World War battlefields next spring.

Based on some of the outstanding projects I saw last week, there are teachers among us who deserve to be nominated. Details at Entries due May 20th.

I’m Ross Kentner making waves.

Past Sponsors