Don't Let Me Be Lonely

Emily Kewageshig is an Anishinaabe artist raised in Saugeen First Nation #29. Her work is heavily inspired by traditional Ojibwe Woodland artists and is informed by her Indigenous world view. She employs bold lines, vivid colours, and traditional imagery to communicate messages of interconnection to her audience.

In the spring of 2021, Grey Roots began a partnership with the Durham Art Gallery which has culminated in an ambitious exhibition of Emily's, titled Don't Let Me Be Lonely. Featuring six pieces, the series is a direct confrontation of loneliness, specifically the loneliness brought on by COVID-19 related isolation. The images present connection between beings and the land as a remedy to this widespread sense of loneliness.

Each of the images is printed in large format and presented on billboards located throughout Grey, Bruce, and Wellington counties. This unique method of hosting an exhibition, outside, in locations physically distant from one another, speaks directly to the lifestyle changes we've all grown accustomed to under COVID-19. The outdoor and decentralized format encourages viewers of the exhibition to leave their homes, and travel through these three counties, which Emily and exhibition curator Jaclyn Quaresma intend as a first step towards reconnecting with the land.


A classic car drives by a roadside billboard


The display sponsored by Grey Roots, titled ‘Harmony and Balance’, showcases a blue jay and cardinal, side by side in a sparse woodland, set against a dark background. It stands tall on a 16 by 8-foot billboard on the north side of Highway 26 between the Scenic City Golf Course and Billy Bishop Airport.

Exhibition Locations

Click here for an interactive map of each location.

  1. Owen Sound: Hwy 26 - 620m E of Billy Bishop Airport - Eastbound

  2. Chelsey: County Road 10 - CR 10, 2.5 km north of Sideroad 7, on the opposite side of Hwy - Southbound

  3. Topcliff: County Road 4 - CR 4, 1.4 km W of Bootjack Ranch Rd - Westbound

  4. Hampden: County Road 3 - CR 3, 1.1 km S of Concession Road 18 - Northbound

  5. Arthur: Hwy 6 - Upper - Hwy 6 at Side Road 9 - Northbound 

  6. Arthur: Hwy 6 - Upper - Hwy 6, 800 m N of Wells St - Northbound


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