The Grey Room

The Grey Room is Grey Roots' offsite exhibit space, located in the Grey County Administration Building at 595 9th Ave E in Owen Sound. 

Currently on display: Pearls and Politics: Grey County's Women of Distinction. Grey County has a long history of strong politically-minded women. One of our most famous female voices was Agnes Macphail. Agnes took her seat as a member of the Progressive Party for Grey County in 1921, and became the first female Member of Parliament, merely a few years after Ontario women were given the right to vote.
The first women in Grey County politics were not those elected to office but rather those working in administrative positions. The story of political women begins in 1918 when Violet Mercer of Markdale was hired as town treasurer and paid $75 per year. Pearls and Politics also tells the stories of our elected female politicians, beginning in 1938 and continuing to the present day. 

Although women were given the right to participate in municipal politics at the end of the First World War, it would not be until the Second World War that women really became more actively involved. Since those first steps made by Agnes Macphail, Grey County women have embraced the political arena and will continue to make in-roads into what was once a man’s world.

Pearls and Politics is also available online:

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