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The Grey Room

The Grey Room is Grey Roots' offsite exhibit space, located in the Grey County Administration Building at 595 9th Ave E in Owen Sound. 

Currently on display: The Lost Regiments. This exhibit covers the military history of Grey County from 1866-1936. Although there has always been a military presence in Grey County, its military roots really took hold during the Trent Affair of 1861, when during the American Civil War, an American Naval ship stopped and boarded a British vessel to remove two Confederate emissaries.  This action raised fears that Great Britain was going to go to war against the United States, not quite 50 years after the War of 1812.  With this possibility looming, independent militia units were formed to aid in any forthcoming conflict. Initially there were five companies raised in Grey County during these troubling times and they would one day form the nucleus of a new Regiment, for the winds of change were sweeping the country as it was preparing for Confederation. 

Pictured: Troops on parade to counter Fenian Raids, Owen Sound, [1866]  1969.88.8

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