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A Time to Remember

A Time to Remember

“There is no section of the whole Empire which gave everything possible for the cause more whole-heartedly than did the County of Grey”

During the month of November, Grey Roots honours those who served the Allied Forces during the First and Second World Wars through the exhibition A Time to Remember. This exhibition honours not only those men who bravely fought for Canada as members of the Allied Forces but, the women who worked as nurses on the frontlines and the many others who did their part to aid the war effort.

Grey Roots honours women like Lady Eaton of Owen Sound who travelled overseas to found and staff the Grey Rooms which gave Grey County soldiers a taste of home while they were away, as well as those who worked on the home front to support the boys and girls overseas through brilliant means of fundraising for the troops, including Signature Quilts.

Without men and women contributing their aid, service and support to the First and Second World Wars, Canada could have looked very different from the one we know and love today. It is during the month of November that we take pause and remember the efforts of our Veterans.

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