June 8th, 2019
September 9th, 2019

Under the Canopy: Animals of the Rainforest

Step Under the Canopy and discover the fascinating world of the rainforest!

This amazing interactive exhibit focuses on rainforest ecology and features many real animals that call this ecosystem home. Meet the keeper and get introduced to a red foot tortoise. Visit with a marmoset and marvel at the bright colours of a panther chameleon. Learn about conservation and environmental issues, locally and across the world. 

Get up close with these creatures and more during daily shows and educational programs, or book your own private animal adventure with a Birthday Party package. Your wild adventure begins Under the Canopy!

Under the Canopy: Animals of the Rainforest is a travelling exhibit from Little Ray’s Nature Centre. Little Ray's is the largest exotic animal rescue in Canada and focuses on public education. 
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