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Brand new exhibits, programming and events - see it all when you visit Grey Roots.
At present, we strongly encourage all visitors to book in advance to guarantee your space, however, limited drop-in space is generally available on a first-come, first-served basis.

When you visit, we ask that you work with us to keep our site safe for your family, other visitors, and our staff and volunteers. This means facemasks whenever you're inside any of our buildings, maintaining distance between groups, and using the provided hand sanitizer. Find more COVID-19 info at

Kindly read through the details in our FAQ below so you know what to expect. If you have any questions, please email


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Before you visit, please ensure that you and everyone in your party can answer NO to the following questions:

  • Do you have any new or worsening symptoms or signs:
    • Fever or chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • Sore throat
    • Runny nose
    • Sneezing
    • Nasal congestion
    • Hoarse voice
    • Difficulty swallowing
    • New smell or taste disorder(s)
    • Nausea/vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Abdominal pain
    • Unexplained fatigue/malaise
    • Headache
    • Eye infection/conjunctivitis
    • Multisystem Inflammatory Vasculitis (in children)
  • In the last 14 days, have you traveled outside of Canada and been told to quarantine per federal travel requirements?
  • Have you had close physical contact with anyone with respiratory illness or a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19?
    Close physical contact means: speaking with someone less than 2 metres away for over 15 minutes; being in the same room or workspace for over 15 minutes; or living in the same home.

If you or anyone in your party answer YES to any of the above questions on the day of your visit, please stay home, self-isolate, and contact your family doctor, or Public Health for further instruction. 

Telephone: 519-376-9420 Toll free: 1-800-263-3456


Frequently Asked Questions:


Anyone over the age of 2 must wear a face covering while inside any enclosed public space. This includes the museum, archives, and our historic buildings in Moreston Heritage Village. While outdoors, facemasks are encouraged, though not required. Kindly maintain 2 metre separation from staff and other visitors at all times.

We have implemented the following safety measures:

  • High-touch surfaces are cleaned frequently throughout the day.
  • Debit/credit keypads are sanitized after every use.
  • Washrooms are cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the site and hot water and soap is available in the washrooms.


You can book a time slot for your visit right here. Questions about the booking process? Send an email or give us a call at 519-376-3690 or


We’ve introduced limited and timed ticketing so that we can manage the flow of visitors through the site to ensure we never exceed capacity.

If you arrive early, we will check our booked attendance levels for the time of your arrival. If there is capacity in that time slot, we may be able to accommodate you, but be aware that you may have to wait for your ticketed time.

If you miss your time slot or do not have a time booked, we will check our attendance levels at the time of your arrival. If there is capacity, we may be able to accommodate you, but be aware that you may be required to wait for the next available time slot.

Yes, please! We encourage all visitors, including members, to schedule their visit in advance. Regular admission is included in the cost of your membership, so you will not need to pay, though you will need to show your membership or volunteer card upon arrival. Reciprocal members are welcome and the same rules apply.

All Grey Roots memberships were put on hold for the duration of our closure. Memberships that were active at the time of our closure on March 16, 2020, have had their expiration date extended by the number of months the museum was closed. If your membership expired during our closure, kindly bring it in on your next visit and Visitor Services staff will extend your expiration date.  New memberships purchased during the closure will be activated upon our reopening of July 28th, 2021.

We can accept either a printed ticket or a digital ticket (shown on your phone or other mobile device). We won't need to take a physical ticket, but we do need the details from your ticket so that we can confirm your time slot.

When it is your time to enter, please make sure your masks are on, use the hand sanitizer at the front entrance, and proceed to the front desk where Visitor Services staff will check you in.

Please be patient if there is a line, and remember to keep 6 ft from others. Our staff are working as quickly as possible to help you get started with your visit while ensuring the safety of all our visitors.

Yes, though we recommend using contactless payment methods (debit or credit) whenever possible.

If you are interested in making a donation to Grey Roots, you'll need to make an appointment with our collections or archives staff. Find more information right here.


Please respect all signage and closures throughout Grey Roots and Moreston Heritage Village. Follow directional arrows where present.

During check in, and while in the main building or Moreston, please maintain physical distance from other visitor groups.

Yes! As with the rest of the museum, kindly maintain physical distance from other visitors. Be respectful and please limit handling of merchandise that you do not intend to purchase.

Water is available for purchase. We are unable to offer food for sale at this time.


We're building a General Store! Construction on Moreston's newest addition began in June 2021 and we anticipate a grand opening in fall 2022!


After your visit, continue your experience at home! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all things Grey Roots, and find links to online exhibits and more at

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