Extraordinary Times: COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways and changed our lives dramatically. Grey Roots wants to ensure that this important time in history is preserved, interpreted, and shared with future generations.  

We invite you to share your stories and items with us. Reach out to info@greyroots.com to:

  • Share your personal experiences for future research, exhibit and interpretive use, so that one hundred years from now people can read first person accounts of this shared event. All experiences are valid: at home, at work, or at play. How did you do things differently? What did you learn? How has it impacted your life? Please feel free to share photos as well.
  • Share information on potential items for donation - hand-made face masks, signs, diaries, notices or photographs (photos of the items are encouraged).  
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Stories and items submitted become the property of the Grey Roots Museum & Archives, as an office of the Corporation of the County of Grey. Grey Roots retains intellectual rights to the stories and has full discretion as to the use, display and disposition of said items.