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Moreston Heritage Village
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Thursday 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Currently closed

Get Involved

Our aim is to be a community-based facility. All citizens of this County are stakeholders. You can become involved in many different ways: by volunteering, becoming a member, making a financial or in kind contribution or donating to our archival or museum collections. We appreciate your support.


Many visitors from communities in Grey, as well as tourists worldwide, have enjoyed and experienced living history at Grey Roots. Our long-term village plan involves the addition of several more buildings and and a train.


There are 18 different volunteer positions at Grey Roots, from Junior Interpreters to Archives assistants to site maintenance support! Each summer in Moreston Heritage Village, costumed volunteers depict life as it was in Grey County long ago. All Grey Roots volunteers play important roles in preserving and sharing our heritage.