Grey County has a rich industrial history, ranging from grist milling, furniture making, brickyards, potteries, foundries, and more. Unique industrial products include Keenan 'Kaybee Brand' toothpicks, Barber Turbines, Harold E. Cooke cigars, and Circle Bar Hosiery. 

A Steamship Purser’s Kerosene Lantern

Grey Roots acquired a very interesting lantern for the artefact collection earlier this year, and I wish that it could talk, and tell us some stories.  It is a brass kerosene lantern, very similar to a railway conductor’s lantern, but its glass chimney (globe) was custom-etched to have a ship’s n

Joan Hyslop - Registrar

An Immortal in Our Midst

Almost every day at Grey Roots, the Collections Department’s staff work near a large carved sculpture, that has become somewhat of a “friend” to me, over the years, and has intrigued many others as well.   When I was a child, and visited the County of Grey-Owen Sound Museum, where it was then on

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In Service of the Common Soldier

Looking back, there is a lot we might be critical of with respect to WWI: its rampant imperialism, classism and the punitive Treaty of Versailles which ended it, contributing to the conditions which led to WWII.

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100th IPM this week!

The 2013 International Plowing Match, which is being held in Perth County near Mitchell from September 17-21, marks 100 years for the IPM! In honour of this centennial occasion, Grey Roots takes a look back at the four occasions when the IPM was held in Grey County.

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