Black History in Grey County

Black citizens have been a part of Grey County since the very first non-Indigenous settlers arrived in the northernmost part of the Queen's Bush.
Stephanie McMullen

J.C. Forster, Architect (1860-1934)

J. C. [Julian Charles] Forster (1860-1934) was an architect whose body of work included several projects in Owen Sound, Grey County, and beyond – spanning commercial, institutional, and residential design.
Grey Roots

Paul's Hotel, Meaford

A long-standing family business, Meaford Hotel / Paul’s Hotel was opened by John and Salome (Ufland) Paul, circa 1870 -1871, located at the corner of Sykes and Trowbridge streets.

Kate Jackson - Archives

Sutton Journals

These two journals contain some of Nahneebahweequay’s draft writings on Indigenous rights. The books also served as farm ledgers, as well as containing the writing of William Sutton, brief observations, Bible passages, cures and recipes along with other miscellaneous entries.
Grey Roots