The Orange in Grey

Orangeism is intertwined with the history of Britain, Ireland and the Reformation and began to form in 1688, when James II came to the throne. One of his goals was to reestablish Roman Catholicism as the major religion in Britain. A coalition of English political parties was unhappy with this pla

Grey Roots

Moreston Heritage Village Open for the Summer

Every summer, Grey County’s past blossoms into vibrant colours in Moreston Heritage Village.   Beginning in the pioneer Log Cabin, a journey through Moreston takes visitors on an adventure from the challenges of establishing a homestead in the thick forests of the 1850s, to the successful 1880s a

Stephanie McMullen - Volunteer Coordinator

Eight Years of Amazing Research: Heritage Fair at Grey Roots

Since 2008 when the Heritage Fairs program, then Histor!ca Fair, started at Grey Roots over 2000 local Grey-Bruce students have participated in the program. That is an amazing number of students who took an interest in a topic from Canada’s past and turned it into a project.

Laura Arnold - Heritage Interpretation

Moreston by Candlelight

As an adult, sometimes it’s hard to remember the feelings of joy and wonder you experienced as a child at Christmas time, when everything was magical and anything was possible.

Susan Martin - Heritage Interpretation

A Grey Roots Summer Student’s Experience

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Eric van Trigt and, as I write this, I am just about to complete my employment as a summer student in the maintenance department. Technically my title is Heritage Village Maintenance Assistant, but I really prefer to just be called the Handyman.

Eric van Trigt - Facilities