Sutton Journals

These two journals contain some of Nahneebahweequay’s draft writings on Indigenous rights. The books also served as farm ledgers, as well as containing the writing of William Sutton, brief observations, Bible passages, cures and recipes along with other miscellaneous entries.
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John Frost and the Frost Family Story

This is the story of an extraordinary Canadian family, the John Frost Family, who in the early 1840s, discarded their comfortable, upper-middle class life in Bytown – now Ottawa – for the insecurity and uncertainty of life in the wilderness on western Georgian Bay. 

Ruth Cathcart - Local Historian - Grey Roots Member

Sinking of the Steamer Asia

Only 2 teenaged Survivors, the female survivor is from Sydenham Township, the ship left Owen Sound and Presque Isle before it sank, the tragedy inquest led to more safety consciousness for Great Lakes ship travel
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A Steamship Purser’s Kerosene Lantern

Grey Roots acquired a very interesting lantern for the artefact collection earlier this year, and I wish that it could talk, and tell us some stories.  It is a brass kerosene lantern, very similar to a railway conductor’s lantern, but its glass chimney (globe) was custom-etched to have a ship’s n

Joan Hyslop - Registrar

Weather Events of our History

Like most Grey County residents I took the snowstorm of early January in stride, after all, this region of Ontario is hit by so many winter storms that it is practically a regular occurrence, but when the words “blizzard” and “polar vortex” were being bandied about it reminded me of the much love

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