Peter L. Trout, Bighead River

Peter Trout lived at Trout Hollow in Bighead River near Meaford, Ontario. He worked at his family's sawmill and rake factory, which was owned by his older brother William Trout and Charles Jay.

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Northern Terminus

The goal of this annual Journal is to provide readers with information about the historical Black community of Grey County.
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Grey Battalions in the Great War

Beginning of the European War

Great Britain declared war against Germany on August 4, 1914. The Dominion of Canada was a colony of the British Empire. As such, Canada was also at war.

Grey Roots

Black History in Grey County

Black citizens have been a part of Grey County, since the very first non-Indigenous settlers arrived in the northernmost part of the Queen's Bush.
Stephanie McMullen

A Backwoods Preacher

The Roy Keys Collection consists of sermons, lectures, and a journal created by the late Reverend George Keys.

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The Kennedy Empire

A very important collection, which chronicles the growth of a manufacturer in Canada over a 140-year period, is preserved, catalogued and available to the public for research and viewing at the Gre

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Grey County Luminaries

Find out about personalities who have shaped our fair County, or whom you may know, but may not know that they have Grey County connections.

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