CPR Diorama in the making
Petal Furness - Museum Manager

1910 Canadian Pacific Railway Diorama now at Grey Roots

Petal Furness - Museum Manager

In the spring of 2011, Grey Roots was approached by Clive Morgan on behalf of the Bluewater Modellers, with a proposal to build a diorama (a three-dimensional miniature scene) representing the east side of the Owen Sound Harbour circa 1875. We were excited to work with these keen and talented volunteers. They began research in earnest during the summer of 2011 which included many trips to our Archives and they liaised with our local Marine & Rail Museum. The group decided to represent the year 1910 in the diorama as they were not able to find the historic photographs needed for the earlier proposed date.  We met several times throughout the years and the progress has been amazing.  There are 5 modellers: Clive, Tom, Stan, Mike and Brian. Together they have contributed more 6,000 hours of work on the diorama!

Last week Monday, the CPR Diorama was delivered and installed in the visible storage area, behind the glass wall in the Community gallery.  It is a work in progress. Throughout the summer and into the fall, members will be here working on the model.  It will be visible to visitors and yet safe beyond touching hands.  For now it is on a temporary base – we will have the permanent display base and cover built. When the diorama is finished, the plan is to have it on display in a gallery, complete with interpretive panels and rail artefacts, which will explore the CPR and rail history in Grey County.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to display the diorama for Grey County and beyond, the hours of hard work and dedication certainly show in this fascinating diorama. 

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