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Laura Arnold - Heritage Interpretation

Eight Years of Amazing Research: Heritage Fair at Grey Roots

Laura Arnold - Heritage Interpretation

Since 2008 when the Heritage Fairs program, then Histor!ca Fair, started at Grey Roots over 2000 local Grey-Bruce students have participated in the program. That is an amazing number of students who took an interest in a topic from Canada’s past and turned it into a project. We are often in awe at the research and dedication the students have shown at the school level and then again at the Regional level.

This program could not still be flourishing without the dedication of the teachers involved with the program. Through all of the changes in curriculum and teaching assignments we still see familiar faces participating in the program while we meet new ones. We appreciate the work they put in beyond their regular classroom work so that their students can be a part of the program.

Throughout my involvement with Heritage Fairs I have been astounded by the drive of students and the support of the community. Every year we assemble a team of adjudicators who meet with a number of delegates to discuss their projects. These adjudicators come to Grey Roots for training and volunteer their time for the actual fair to help determine the award winners. This is a very difficult job because there are so many wonderful delegates but they are always eager to return and see what the new batch of delegates have created.

Over the years Grey Roots would not have been able to continue coordinating this program for Grey-Bruce students without the support of different sponsors. We have continually received support from local groups, and individuals. We cannot say ‘Thank You!’ enough to these sponsors because without them we would not be able to do things like offer enrichment workshops to the Regional Fair delegates or pay for the transportation costs to get the Provincial Showcase delegates to Toronto.

Please stop by Grey Roots after 12:00 pm Thursday, April 23rd or the 24th (10-5:00 pm) to see these amazing projects. The projects will be on display in our foyer so there is no admission cost to see them. These projects are the product of a lot of hard work and an interest in history so they are not to be missed!

The Grey Roots Regional Heritage Fair is held in coordination with other fairs across Ontario and over seen by the Ontario Heritage Fairs Association. This volunteer group helps to coordinate provincial awards, the provincial fair and supports all regional fairs.

If you would like to know more about the OHFA, or make a donation to support the provincial showcase this June please visit http://www.ohhfa.ca/

If you are interested in donating to support the Grey Roots Regional Heritage Fair please contact laura.arnold@greyroots.com.

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