Dan McGee in the Log Cabin
Susan Martin - Heritage Interpretation

Moreston by Candlelight

Susan Martin - Heritage Interpretation

As an adult, sometimes it’s hard to remember the feelings of joy and wonder you experienced as a child at Christmas time, when everything was magical and anything was possible. Now, for many of us, with money being tight and time too short, we end up dreading Christmas and wishing it would just go away. We are worn out with the whole process before it even arrives. Our modern fast paced, commercialized way of life has put a lot of pressure on people trying to fulfill everyone’s wants and expectations.

Moreston by Candlelight at Grey Roots gives people a break from the hectic bustle of the season, transporting them back to a quieter simpler time. As visitors pass through the gates of Moreston Heritage Village, they are greeted by the soft jingling of sleigh bells and the gentle glow of firelight across the snow. The log cabin window is aglow with candlelight while the lilting music of a lone flout beckons callers to enter and enjoy the warmth from the huge stone fireplace along with the welcoming smiles of costumed volunteers. All around the village, each building offers its own unique look into Christmas as it was. The sights and smells emanating from each home evoke fond memories from childhood, and special times spent with loved ones. Many visitors tell us they recall things they thought were long forgotten and it renews and rejuvenates their love of this truly special time of year.

Christmas cookies, warm spiced cider, and Christmas carols in the Schoolhouse all add to a truly memorable evening. Top that off with a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh and your spirit is once again rejuvenated and ready to face the modern day world.

Moreston by Candlelight, truly a Christmas tradition, takes place every December.


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