Students and Volunteers in the George Rice Blacksmith Shop at Moreston Heritage Village
Stephanie McMullen - Volunteer Coordinator

Moreston Heritage Village Open for the Summer

Stephanie McMullen - Volunteer Coordinator

Every summer, Grey County’s past blossoms into vibrant colours in Moreston Heritage Village.   Beginning in the pioneer Log Cabin, a journey through Moreston takes visitors on an adventure from the challenges of establishing a homestead in the thick forests of the 1850s, to the successful 1880s as Grey County rises to become a growing centre of agriculture, commerce and transportation, and culminating in the 1920s when Grey County citizens bridged the gap between western Canada and Ontario, shining at the forefront of important social and political movements of the era.  In less than a century, Grey County transformed from forested land to agricultural and industrial powerhouse, and Grey Roots visitors can experience that development over their afternoon visit through the village.

In each building, a costumed volunteer shares the stories of the successes and struggles faced by local people during the differing eras.  The tenacity, endurance and struggle of pioneer families, as they learned how to carve out a home in the forest, so far from all they knew, becomes clear with a stop at the Log Cabin.  In the 1886 Log House, a visitor can discover the excitement of ordering a new cast iron stove, and the challenge of getting it from the train station into the family’s kitchen!  The Farm House volunteer shares the excitement of new innovations and the adjustments needed after the Great World War changed life forever.  Teachers bring the joys and challenges of teaching in a one-room School House vividly to life.  They will discuss the complete rules for school mistresses and detailed arithmetic questions for students.  The magic, mystery and muscle of the blacksmith shop ring out with every hammer strike on the anvil.  The Bluewater Garage “mechanics” will review automotive choices and perhaps recommend a good vehicle from the period.  The tow truck is always ready to spring into action in case of a breakdown!

The seeds of Moreston were planted at the former Grey County Museum site in Owen Sound, and thanks to a gift from the More family, have taken firm root here at Grey Roots.  In the years to come, the village will grow to capture more stories about Grey County’s rich heritage.  Come as a visitor, stay as a volunteer!

Students and Volunteers in the George Rice Blacksmith Shop at Moreston Heritage Village

Blacksmith Shop volunteers (from left):  Reid Schneider (Grey Roots summer student), Cam Robertson, Skylar Radojkovic, Jim Underwood, Jim Howitt

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