Owen Sound Fire Insurance Map 1907-1911, Page 24
Grey Roots

Owen Sound Street Numbers and Standardized Address Numbering, Introduced 1909

Grey Roots

Numbered streets and avenues have been in place in Owen Sound for well over 100 years, even before Owen Sound became a City. At the same time as street names were changed to numbers, the standardizing of street addresses also took place. The concept of streets running east-west, while avenues ran north-south, was also adopted. 

Owen Sound By-law #1368, which took effect in 1909, details the changes to take place street by street. Some newly-numbered streets were combinations of more than one formerly-named street, in order that each thoroughfare would be consistently named.

Fire Insurance Map for Owen Sound created December 1907 by Chas E. Goad, Civil Engineer, and updated in 1911. These maps include both the old street names and the new numbered streets and avenues.


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