Oct. 4, 1915 page from Guest Register, Paul’s Hotel, Meaford, Ont., Gus. [Gustave] A. Paul, Proprietor
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Paul's Hotel, Meaford

Kate Jackson - Archives

A long-standing family business, Meaford Hotel / Paul’s Hotel was opened by John and Salome (Ufland) Paul, circa 1870 -1871, located at the corner of Sykes and Trowbridge streets. The Pauls had previously operated hotels at two other locations in Meaford, both destroyed by fire in 1858 and 1870,[1] respectively. In 1871, John Paul promoted the new property in the following way, “John Paul respectfully intimates to the travelling community, and visitors, that he has purchased the Brick Hotel, formerly known as the British Hotel, Meaford. Commercial Travellers and others will find the same accommodation as at the old stand. Good stabling in connection with the premises.”[2] The hotel was also a centre for services beyond accommodation; T. Trotter, Dentist, advertised his availability at the hotel every two weeks though 1872.[3]  After John Paul’s death in June 1873,[4] Salome continued as proprietor of the successful business, as evidenced by the following advertisement from The Meaford Monitor, June 19, 1873, “Meaford Hotel, Mrs. John Paul, Proprietor. Only ppime [sic] Liquors kept in the bar. The comforts of a home afforded to travelers and summer visitors.” Following Salome Paul’s death in January 1887,[5] her daughter, Madeline Paul, and subsequently, her son, Gustave Paul, operated the business.[6] A hotel “Rules and Regulations” card, dating from Gustave Paul’s time as owner advertises Paul’s Hotel as “The House of Comfort” with room rates “$1.00 and up”.[7] A fire in March 1960 destroyed much of the historic building.[8]

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Pictured: Oct. 4, 1915 page from PF101S2F5I3 Guest Register, Paul’s Hotel, Meaford, Ont., Gus. [Gustave] A. Paul, Proprietor.

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