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Lara Javalyn - Grey Roots

You Love Us, You Really Love Us

Lara Javalyn - Grey Roots

Moreston Heritage Village is open every summer through July and August, we hope to see you there! 

This time of year, we have hundreds of visitors coming through the doors of Grey Roots every day. These visitors can come from all walks of life: some are out-of-towners just touring around, some have cottages in the area, and some are locals that have decided to come check us out again or for the first time.  Lately, we’ve gotten some really great comments from visitors, which is nice to hear.  Below is a selection of recent reviews on TripAdvisor for Grey Roots. Looks like now is a great time to visit Grey Roots!  If you come for a visit, let us know what you think in our guest book, online, or just tell one of our staff. We love to help and make your visit the best ever.

Recent Travelocity Reviews of Grey Roots Museum & Archives

“Take a break from the outdoors” says Urzakat – Travelocity Review on 20 August 2014

On a recent trip to Grey Bruce we passed by the museum on our way to the cottage. The children were quite excited when they saw it and we looked it up online when we stopped at a nearby wifi location. We have been to the Pioneer Village in Kitchener and although not as large as Kitchener this was very nice and the kids had a great time. We walked through the museum and checked out all the exhibits and also took our time at each of the village homes on the property here. The staff at each building was very interactive and took their time to explain how life was in their time period and made sure they engaged the children in the discussions. The Blacksmith shop was enjoyed more than the other areas as the Blacksmith took a half hour to talk to us about the important role of Ferrier in the area and how the local youth contributed to the trade and shipping. It was a wonderful time and we would love to go back if we’re in the area again as the exhibits change and are updated frequently in the museum.

“Awesome” says Pat W of Prince Albert, Canada – Travelocity Review on 19 August 2014

We were there for a family reunion so the museum was key to find out the history of the area. The staff was very helpful. An enjoyable afternoon.

“Something Different” says Tait L – Travelocity Review on 16 August 2014

Several times my family had driven by and it had been closed or we were too rushed. But we finally went in and I am glad we did! The main building houses several very interesting exhibits, which we looked over quickly. We then headed outside to their wonderful outdoor “village”. It was great. Some places only focus on one time period but this one touches on several. The staff at every building were very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. We did not get a chance to see it all but we will be back. The admission for a family (20 dollars) was good. Although they consider a family to only be 3children with 2 adults when we had 4, the price did not go up as one of our children was under 5. They also seem to have some exhibits that are on loan so each time visiting will be a bit different.

“Great place to visit” says DarrenninHK of Hong Kong, China – Travelocity Review on 23 July 2014

This is a great place to visit for a few hours. The displays in the main building are good, with some hands on displays, interactive exhibits, and very helpful staff. But it is the outdoor “town” that really makes this place great.
Recreated or relocated period buildings from around the area are dotted around the ‘town’, each staffed by people in period costume who can talk knowledgeably about the history of the building, and the objects inside. Young and old will find it fascinating. A fascinating way to explore a bygone era.

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More Stories

A Canadian Nursing Sister

The story of a woman who finds herself in the middle of the Great War is told at the Grey County Archives. Luella Euphemia Denton volunteered her services as a nurse in the First World War. It is through her letters to a friend and neighbour from Annan, that her story is told.

Grey Roots

Pratie Oaten celebrates the “Devil’s Apple”

As the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer 2015 begin to fade into memory and the cool crisp days of autumn take centre stage, it is once again time to celebrate our Irish Heritage and the much loved potato, as Grey Roots Museum & Archives presents our annual Pratie Oaten Irish Festival.

Susan Martin - Heritage Interpretation

Art of the People

In mid-November, Grey Roots Museum and Archives will present its winter/spring collections-based exhibition, I Made It Myself – Folk Art of Grey County.

Sim Salata - Collections Manager

Artefact Donation 101

When deciding whether or not to offer a family heirloom to a local, provincial or national museum, many people think long and hard about the pros and cons of doing so.  If something of great personal value is going to leave the possession of a family, the potential donor and any other people invo

Sim Salata - Collections Manager