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A History of Dundalk
A History of Dundalk
Edited by Audrey L. Clarke. The Corporation of the Village of Dundalk. 1987. ISBN 0-9693251-0-X

This history includes village development, churches, professionals, local commerce etc. It also contains a list of residents indexed from assessment rolls and a 9-page index of family names.

Beautiful Stoney Keppel
Beautiful Stoney Keppel 1855-1986
The Keppel Township Historical Society. 1986. ISBN 0-9692701-0-1

Includes chapters on early history, government, churches and cemeteries, education, agriculture, industry, tourism and recreation, transportation and communication, people, organizations, military, families and memorable events. The index is in the centre spread of the book.

Euphrasia Vol. II
Euphrasia Vol. II - Fascinating Glimpses of the Life in the Township
Marjorie Alderdice. Township of Euphrasia. 1996. ISBN 0-919615-29-5

This is a companion volume to Euphrasia Vol. I. It contains information on the local schools as well as the 1901 census. There are also maps of the township and small acreage listings for the years of 1906, 1916, 1926, 1935, 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986 and 1993. There are numerous photos, but no index.

Farm Lanes of Bentinck 1850-2000
Farm Lanes of Bentinck 1850-2000
Edited by Ralph Clark & Iain Clark. Bentinck Historical Society. 2000. ISBN 0-9687440-0-0-1

This history contains information on municipal government, an early immigrant settlement map, schools, cemeteries, and a history of the township according to lot and concession. There are numerous photographs and a large index of family names.

Normanby Reflections Vol. II
Normanby Reflections Vol. II
Edited by Campbell Cork. Normanby Historical Committee. 2003. ISBN 0-9694041-1-5

This is a second volume of Normanby Township history, containing chapters on veterans, weddings, sports, schools and municipal affairs just to name a few. There is also a section of corrections to Vol. I.

Schools of St. Vincent Township & Other Chronicles
Schools of St. Vincent Township & Other Chronicles 1847-1987
Edited by Vina Rose Ufland. 1967

Histories of the township Schools, with many pictures taken throughout the years. Various Women's Institutes with pictures, as well as churches in the township. Some century farms are listed, complete with pictures and some of the early industry as well, including histories of the first orchards.

The History of Sullivan Township
The History of Sullivan Township 1850-1975 Vol. I
The Sullivan Historical Society. 1975.

The history includes chapters on churches, cemeteries, schools, industries, personalities, and local organizations. Contains various black and white photographs. A surname index may also be purchased separately.
(Index to Volume 1 available for $5.00)

The History of Sullivan Township Vol. II
The History of Sullivan Township Vol. II
Edited by Laura M. Gateman. Sullivan Township Historical Society. 1993. ISBN 0-9695733-0-8

This is a continuation of the first volume of Sullivan Township. Sullivan Vol. II updates the township's history to 1993. The content includes maps, photographs, and portraits. Contains various black and white photographs. A surname index is included.

Township of Proton 1852-1982 - A Historical Sketch
Township of Proton 1852-1982 - A Historical Sketch
Historical Committee for the 125th anniversary of the Township of Proton. 1992 (third printing). ISBN 0-9696-023-0-8

Each chapter is devoted to an area of Proton Township and gives a brief history of that particular area. Areas covered include Conn, Cedarville, Egerton, Esplin, Swinton Park, Salem, Hopeville, Keldon, Southeast Proton, Ventry, Bethel, Inistoge, Victoria Corners, Proton Station and Dundalk.

Northern Terminus: The African Canadian History Journal 

Northern Terminus

Volumes 1-17 are available. $10.00 each.

The goal of this annual Journal is to provide readers with information about the historical Black community of Grey County. Although the focus is on historical events and people within Grey County, the wider regional, provincial, national and international contexts that shaped Black history and presence in Grey County are also of interest to the Journal. Through essays, interviews and reviews, the Journal highlights the work of organizations, historians and published authors. A new volume of the Journal is launched annually.  Learn more about Northern Terminus.

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