Summer & Fall Workshops with Adriene's Canning & Jamming

Join Adriene Mackenzie, of Adriene's Canning & Jamming for more canning and pierogi workshops jam-packed with fun and helpful tips!

Dip your toes (and some produce) into water bath canning with Adriene’s Canning and Jamming. Join us for each workshop or whichever tickles your pickle as you learn all about preserves. Water bath canning is the easiest way to make shelf-stable jams and pickles.

Due to the nature of this canning method, the products will need to rest at Grey Roots for 24 hours before being picked up. If you have any questions about that process, please let us know.

These hands-on workshops cover all the steps to successfully prepare your own canning projects and pierogi. Participants will prep, create, sample and take home the fruits of their labour. The workshops feature morning and evening timeslots, and include all ingredients, small group instruction, and good conversation with like minded foodies.

By popular request, we have added additional timeslots and dates. Depending on numbers, timeslots may be combined, if deemed necessary.

Max 10 participants per workshop.


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Garlic Dill Pickles

Each participant will make and take a 1L jar of either whole pickles, wedges, or slices. They will learn all the steps to making pickles to make either garlic dill or plain dill pickles.

Tuesday, July 30th: 10 am

Tuesday, July 30th: 1 pm

Wednesday, July 31st: 6 pm

Thursday, August 1st: 6 pm

Price: $30+tax


Canned Peaches

Each participant will make and take a 500ml jar of canned sliced peaches made in a very light sugar water. They will learn and participate in all the necessary steps needed to can peaches and other fruits. 

Tuesday, August 27th: 10 am

Tuesday, August 27th: 1 pm

Wednesday, August 28th: 6 pm

Thursday, August 29th: 6 pm

Price: $45+tax


Tomato Salsa

Each participant will make and take a 500ml jar of tomato salsa using fresh locally sourced ingredients including tomatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic. Participants will learn all the steps of the salsa making process. 

Tuesday, September 17th: 10 am

Tuesday, September 17th: 1 pm

Wednesday, September 18th: 6 pm

Thursday, September 19th: 6 pm

Price: $40+tax


And back due to popular demand: Pierogi!

Participants will start by making dough from scratch, then create filling for their pierogi. They will taste then take home 8-10 pierogis at the end of the workshop.

Tuesday, October 8th: 10 am

Tuesday, October 8th: 1 pm

Wednesday, October 9th: 6 pm

Thursday, October 10th: 6 pm

Price: $45+tax


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