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September 24th, 2022
January 4th, 2023

Seven Ages of the Bicycle - Last Chance!

This exhibit closes Wednesday January 4 at 5 PM - see it before it's gone!

Seven Ages of the Bicycle features historic bicycles, velocipedes, and historical cycling artefacts on loan from the Huron Bicycle Museum in Kincardine.

This carefully curated exhibit demonstrates the evolutionary process which led to the modern bicycles in use today.

See all manner of historical pedal machines, from running machine to freewheel pneumatic. Discover quaint cycling artefacts like the dog scarer, and have a laugh at the extremely dated "Don'ts for Women Riders" from the New York World in 1895, featuring gems such as "Don't be a fright".

The Huron Bicycle Museum is operated by Glen Norcliffe.

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