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100 Years of the Owen Sound Transportation Company

The Owen Sound Transportation Company, from its origins in 1921, has provided passenger and freight service on the Great Lakes (and beyond!) to tens of thousands of passengers and clients.

Over the years, vessels have come and gone, some of them in spectacular and tragic fashion, such as the M.S. Hibou. From the exhibit: "On November 21 1936, the cargo onboard Hibou shifted while she was operating in calm waters, causing her to founder and sink only 10 minutes out of Owen Sound. While testing the accuracy of a new compass, Captain McKay made a sharp turn to port, causing the cargo to shift to starboard. The ship listed to starboard and did not recover. In the ensuing tragedy, not only the Hibou, but seven of the 17-member crew, and Captain McKay were lost. Wreckage was strewn for about 2 kilometres along the bay."

Disasters of this magnitude, while not unheard of on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, are exceedingly rare in the hundred year history of the OSTC. Of the countless thousands of sailings undertaken by the vessels to sail under OSTC since 1921, through fair weather and foul, nearly all have ended happily.

Learn about each vessel from OSTC's 100 year history, view artefacts from the ill fated Hibou, and celebrate a tremendous milestone with one of Grey County's longest operating enterprises at "100 Years of the Owen Sound Transportation Company".

Exhibit runs through December 2020 in person at Grey Roots Museum & Archives. Book your visit here.

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